Reach Tekong at 8.30pm yesterday night, walked all the way to my company line instead of marching. Went up my bunk realise all our food and my liquid shoe polish is gone. Must be those bloody sergeants who took them. Luckily my friend brought in 4 cup noodles.

Only 12 from my platoon turned up, out of around 30. 18 of them must be bloody chao keng idiots. I regretted not getting att c.

Woke up and fall in the usual timing, as usual my platoon sergeants is always not around to bring us for breakfast, luckily the booked-in sergeant was early and brought us there.

Took my IPPT test, before the test start, the officer said those who failed only 1 static station will only that take station. If those who fail more than 2 static stations or fail 2.4km they will have to re-take the whole test. But at any point of time if you fail one static station, you can fall out already. I think all of us in the company fail chin-up. The first station was chin-up, only 1 pass in our company and the rest all failed. Before that the sergeant already said after the chin-up station all of us will fall out and he was right. And he said “Operation: Fallout Accomplished”. LOL. The sergeant who was following the only person who pass pull-up keep grumbling how come he pass. That was really comedy gold.

The whole thing finishes even before 9am. But just as thought we can book out at 10.45am, we wasted too much time waiting for instructions and last minute we have to help the sergeants do shit job again. Got all the stores from Jaguar company and distribute those stores for the next batch, and just as I thought that was suppose to be the sergeants work.

I expected this will happen but I did not expect we are taking the 12.30pm fastcraft instead of 10.45am. Bloody bastards.

Just booked in to do 3 chin-ups which just takes only 5 minutes and spend 2 hours waiting and 2 hours doing shit job. For those people enlisting in NS soon, next time if there is a re-test after POP, just take att c. I regretted not doing so.

Had my lunch at Ikea and went to Outram Polyclinic to get a referrer letter to General Hospital or Nation Skin Center to remove my “corn” on my last toe. It is very irritating. The appointment is at 10.15am, 19th October 2004. Medical benefits for NSF is very good. Almost everything is free. Must fully make use of the benefits, next time must go book a dental appointment.