Went to visit my grandfather and my auntie in Toa Payoh, been months since I last visited them. Kinda miss them because when I was young I stayed at my auntie house and my grandfather house was just opposite.

Had Kuay Chup for dinner, cheap and good, 4 of us eat only $7.80.

Met up with YongTang, Calvin, ZhiWei, Victor and JingWei for supper at Maxwell Market. This time round is YongTang come and fetch me. I still dare not drive my dad’s car. Got to wait till my mom’s car come which is somewhere in October before I drive again. After Maxwell, went to the 7-11 opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza, bought some drinks and sat down there and talk cock. Listen quite alot of scary and interesting story from police as YongTang is in police.

Went to pray my grandmother, after that went to Lei Garden for Tim Sum. Is really a small world, saw my uncle (mom’s younger brother) there together with his wife family.

Later on when walking to Heeren, saw Lynn. She really slimmed down alot, looks so skinny now. Then in Heeren, I saw one girl look so much like Serene. The way she dress, clothes, her hairstyle and her face is almost the same. For a moment I thought it was Serene.

While buying drink at Spinelli, there was this couple queueing next to me. The guy look so much like Glen Ong, then when I look closely, the girl is Jamie Yeo, so that makes that guy Glen Ong. Jamie Yeo in person is very chio but just a little bit too skinny.

Going to have dinner at Swenens at White Sands before taking the TIBS bus at 7pm.