Had lunch with my mom and brother at Harbour Front, quite alot of changes have been made since I last went there. The front part of it is now accessible with new shops in it.

Tried out the Noodle Hut, it serves Shanghainess food. The fried la-mien and guo tie is nice but not the xiao long bao. The food is quite expensive compared to Ding Tai Fung.

Had Ice Cafe Latte at Starbucks later. My brother ordered the Ugly Chicken Puff. I had no idea why it is called ugly but it tastes good.

Met up with Johnson to pass him some NS stuffs before meeting LiXiang and Laily to shop for birthday presents. Had dinner at Ding Tai Fung and coffee at Heeren’s Spinelli.

Got woken by some fuckers who keep pestering you after you filled in the survey form at Pasir Ris Interchange, heard from my friend is some MLM stuffs. This is not the first time I getting it. So please do not fill in any survey form on the streets, if you really have no choice, give them a bogus number.

Met up with David and Calvin for lunch at Heeren’s Sakae Sushi. Managed to get the student price after I showed them my tertiary ez-link card which do not have any expiry date on it. Now the buffet comes with 2 Moshi Ice-Cream, 2 red plates and 2 portions of food. Very worth it.

Met up with my army mates later for dinner at Selegie Road, they ate the chicken rice there, I just watched them eat, but I did joined them for tao hui after that.

Went to Parklane for 3 hours of LAN gaming at The Odyssey, 3 hours for $5. We only played CS and WC3: TFT but it was fun, because there are 7 of us. Hope there will be another chance to do that.

Had another round of tao hui after the LAN gaming before proceeding home.

Had lunch with my mom and brother at King’s Hotel coffeehouse. The food there is horrible and so expensive considering the portion they give us.

Today is my cousin enlistment day. Such a small world, he is enlisted to Pegasus -> Platoon 3. Same platoon as me somemore. But he is in section 3 instead of section 1, bed 4 instead of bed 7. I think the sergeants should be still in the same platoon.

Happy Belated 20th Birthday Serene.