Met up with LiXiang at Great World City to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The movie is 2 hours long, it is much more action packed than the first one but the storyline kinda simple as compared to the first part. Conclusion, I still prefer the first Resident Evil. The ending of the movie ended with Project Alice. Anyone played the game care to share how the storyline goes. I am sure there will be a Resident Evil 3 in the movies.

Had dinner at Zion Road Hawker Center before walking to Tiong Bahru Market that area to meet up with Laily and Serene. They worked till 9pm+. Suppose to eat again together with them, but end up watch them eat and I just ordered a drink. Their boss also came down for a chat and he paid for my drink also. Quite a friendly chap.

Saw Dodgeball and Open Water. DodgeBall was pretty funny and lame but overall it was quite good. I think many people will missed out the comedy gold part after the credits. Open Water is a boring and short movie. The whole movie is just about 2 person stuck in an ocean and end up both of them got ate by sharks. Pretty lame.

Got my posting, got posted to SAFPU as Military Policeman. Woot, need to report to Mowbray Camp on Monday at 8am.