It is year 2005, had a very memorable countdown at Mindef Main Gate, I will never forget this countdown. LiXiang suppose to wake up at 9am for a haircut appointment at Harbour Front at 12pm. I call her at 9am to wake her up but after answering my call, she went back to sleep at 11.30am. LOL Went to fetch her for her hair cut, then she came my house to help me pack my stuff, threw away alot of CDs because the software is outdated, my wardrobe is so nice/neat for the first time, only 2 colors hanger is used, clothes are arranged gradiently according to their colors. I feel so fortunate. LOL. Thanks sweetie.

My mom taught her how to bake Blue Berry Cheesecake, it taste the same, no difference from what my mom make.

Caught a midnight show, Meet The Fockers at Great World City, it was a good and hilarious show, if you have watched Meet The Parents, you need to catch this too.

The next day, LiXiang came my house, we slack the whole day and had steamboat at night.

I am on MC today due to flu, went to meet LiXiang for lunch at Tanjong Pagar. Had Nasi Lemak, chicken wing, luncheon meat, fish cake, and fried slice fish, all this only cost $2.

And my poly ez-Link card has expired, damn it, i didn’t realise it until I took the MRT today. My SAF ez-link should be coming around March. Shall get an adult ez-link card for $15 temporarily. And oh ya not related to anything, OCBC Internet Banking kinda suck.

Had created a script to read LiXiang’s Blog( through your handphone, just point it to Just in case you don’t know, the WAP url for my blog is

LiXiang and I will be working on merging our blog together, with new layout, content and maybe a new style.

2 more days to remove my ‘P Plate’. YES