Since I am burning all my movies, and while waiting for that to happen, shall update this blog.

29th December 2004
Had dinner at Akashi Japanese Restaurant, which is my mom’s favourite Japanese restaurant because the sushi there is very nice and fresh, especially the Unagi Sushi($4 for 1 piece) and the Reverse California Maki ($12 for 8 pieces).

Went to a private sales at Isetan together with LiXiang and my mom. Most of the stuffs there are having 30% discount and just look at the crowd, everywhere is queueing up. Queue to pay money, queue to try the clothes and queue to going in(when it open). Got myself a Nike Track Pants, Nike Jacket, Nike Drum Bag and a Billabong Belt. LiXiang got herself some Undergarments, 2 Bikinis, a Spaghetti Top, a Billabong Beach Bag and a Billabong Cosmetic Pouch which she mistaken it for sunglasses pouch lol. My mom did not bought anything because she had already bought alot of stuffs when she went in the morning. My bill was $190 and LiXiang bill was $180 after discount.

Will be on mounting shift later, hence I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mindef Building instead of seeing Fireworks with LiXiang at Esplanade. Sorry dear =(

Happy New Year 2005 Everyone! This will be the last post for the year of 2004.