Caught a 9.20pm slot of Phantom Of The Opera slot at GV Marina on Friday. It is a musical movie and it is my first time watching this type of movie. Maybe that is the reason why they sing instead of using dialogue which makes it harder for me to grasp what are they talking about.

Had remedial training also on Saturday because I did not take the ippt due to a flu. But even if i take, I sure fail my chin-up station, still can do only 3. And my left knee is still injured after the fall in Provost, which is around 2 months ago. I think I better go see a doctor soon, then at least I can excuse ippt for the time being.

Went to LiXiang house after the RT, now I know 176 can go to her house straight. After eating lunch at her house, we went to Funan. I bought the iPod Shuffle 1GB for $268. It has no stocks, so I paid a deposit of $150 to reserve. Hope can get it on Friday after I dismount or better if it is earlier.

We went to Chinatown after that to shop for her clothes. She bought 2 skirts, 1 top and 1 funny looking jacket. Was there at the light up of Chinatown, we manage to hear the fire crackers sound but could not see it because we do not know where is it.

Mount on Sunday, it is my favourite day to mount because it is so slack. You just have to be there for the sake of being there or rather you have to waste your time there. There is PS2 for games, iPod for music and Canadian Pizza for dinner.

And to my mom and my dear, get well soon as what LiXiang say “Your two important woman is falling sick”. LOL