Still can’t pass my chin-up, thus everyday from 2pm to 4pm will have RT at the Gombak Recreation Center’s Gym. Quite good if you ask me, is like a 2 hours break from work just to work out. But it kinda sucks when it falls on your Mounting Day because it will eat up your break. And the worst thing is that Saturday need to come back for RT from 8am to 10am, because our OC is too garang, and he needs a life and time away from army. I still can’t understand why do people like army so much.

Today, LiXiang went out with her secondary school friends. I went out with my parents to shop around Suntec Area. My dad got a Nokia 6230 and I keep nagging at him to take good care of the phone because next time I might use it. Dinner was at Akashi Japanese Restaurant. Went to Nike Bird after that. The supervisor there recognise us and she did have a chat with my mom. My dad bought a Nike shirt for $59, I got myself a shoe bag and a pouch for $19.95 each. Sorry dear, I need the shoe bag to put my shoes because will have RT often and the cold storage/carrefour plastic bag is not lasting, we will get one more when we go Thailand =D

Went over to Adidas and we saw a Nokia 6260 on a chair and there was no one sitting down. My brother told me and I immediately went over there, but there was this couple who overheard me and the guy immediately went over and took the phone before me. And I keep observing his action and I can conclude that most probably it is his phone. Wasted.

Perlini’s Silver new range of Jewellery is nice, wanted to get the heart bracelet for LiXiang as it can go well with the necklace, but it was kinda expensive, maybe shall wait till my next pay day, and 4 days after that is Valentine’s Day. This year will not have a lonely valentine day =p

And ya, Starhub launches MaxOnline 6500, that is 812.5kbps download speed and 48 kbps upload speed. Too bad I got to wait till my contract expire at the end of this year.