Been a long time since I last blogged, thus I have no idea about the date/time stamps, so I just type out the title.

Shall We Dance
Watched it yesterday, it was quite a good show and touching at certain parts, not really a romantic show, but worth a watch with your partner.

As usual Marvel movies have great visual effects but lousy storyline and this is no exception.

Kinda addicted to Cedele’s soup after LiXiang brought me there. Now almost every weekend I have craving for the soup. The pricing kinda reasonable, $6.50 for a large soup and free flow of different types of bread.

LiXiang’s Bakery
She learned how to make my favourite Blueberry Cheese Cake from my mom. Thanks dear, next time my mom not free must bake for me to eat =p. Baked 2 portions, luckily both was successful. If one failed and one success, the failed one she will say is I bake one.

We also helped to make Pineapple Tarts after the Blueberry Cheese Cake, made 174 of them.

I went to her house the next day to make Mini Spring Roll wrap with Pork Floss. Did quite alot of them and I took home 1 container of it. Thanks dear.

Kenny’s House
Kenny invited us to his house warming. His new house is at Sembawang. Notice much more of his room then his house because we are inside all the while. Kinda cosy feeling and I think the mood of the room enables you to fall asleep quickly.

Saw Lynn and Fiona there, they say I slim down. Haha

Blood Donation
Gombak Base has a blood donation drive, was physcoed by my friend to donate blood and he is successful in doing it. I donated 450ml of blood. I am really amazed by myself. To be honest I am really afraid of needles, and the last thing I expect myself to do is to donate blood. It is not as pain as I thought. There is no pain at all during the process of drawing blood. The only pain part is when they inject the anaesthetic.

My next blood donation will be on 30th April 2005.

iPod Shuffle
Collected my iPod Shuffle 1GB from AppleCenter@Funan. It cost me $268. It is extremely light and portable, just that it lacks display. Hope can get use to it. Will be lending my iPod 3G 20GB to LiXiang soon.

DVD Writer
Finally installed my DVD writer 2 months after I bought it from Sitex 2004. First off I burned all the 6 seasons of Sex and The City, and yes I got the whole series. Specially downloaded for LiXiang because she like that show very much, almost wanted to order the whole series from Amazon but it cost S$300+. I am now under her influence to watch that show. Next off I burned the whole series of My Date with a Vampire III, it is only 2 DVDs. Really like the storage space of DVDs.