Batman Begins
Caught Batman Begins last week at GV Plaza. Movie lasted about 150 minutes. It was good, among all the Batman movies, this is the best. It is confirmed that there will be a sequel for it and the sequel will introduce The Joker.

Kuishin €œ Bo
Celebrated our 8th month of being together and LiXiang pay raise we went to Kuishin €œ Bo at Suntec City Level 3 for a buffet lunch. The last time I went there was a few years back and the food is expensive and they do not have buffet. This time, the moment I step in, I was like “WOW” the spread is fantastic. It has over 100 selections of food of sushi, sashimi, seafood, teppanyaki, tempura, kaminabe, ramen, udon, curry rice, paper steamboat, salad, drinks, ice cream and much more. It was good, so far the best buffet I have eaten, in my opinion it is better than Shima/Shima Aji. I think from now on, I will pay additional money to have this then to have Sakae Sushi Buffet.

Prices as follows
Mon – Fri:
– Adult $23.80+
– Child $16+
– Senior Citizen Less 10%
Sat, Sun & PH:
– Adult $25.80 +
– Child $16+
– Senior Citizen Less 10%

Mon – Thurs & Sun
– Adult $31.80+
– Child $16+
– Senior Citizen Less 10%
Fri, Sat, PH Eve & PH
– Adult $39.80 +
– Child $16+
– Senior Citizen Less 10%

60 mins lunch buffet at $19.80+ on weekdays and promotional period only. If you notice there is only 1+, so means you only pay for 5% GST. No need to pay for CESS tax or service charge.

Operation hours as follows
Mon – Sun: 11.30am ~ 10.00pm
Fri, Sat & PH Eve 11.30am ~ 10.30pm.
(3.00pm ~ 5.30pm closed)

Love Song Dedication
LiXiang dedicated a song for me on Class 95 Love Songs, but unfortunately on that day the DJ was away, thus the DJ played it on the next day but this time we are watching Project Superstar.

dedication : An advance 8th month anniversary to us. May our love blossom and everlasting.
* i hope my dedication can be aired around 9:30pm, because i’ll be in his car and i wanted a surprise for him.

That was so sweet of you my dear, thanks so much.

War Of The World will be opening this week and Fantastic 4 will be opening next week, lots of good movie to catch =D