The Beaufort Hotel
LiXiang has been busy with her conference last week at Sentosa. She stayed there for 4 days 3 nights at The Beaufort Hotel. Quite a good hotel, the surroundings is good. I dismounted on Thursday, took off on Friday. Stayed with her on Thursday night and we have American Breakfast at the cafe on Friday morning. Been very long since I last enjoyed breakfast, it is a very worth it price of $28+++ for an American Buffet Breakfast.

We checked out at 12pm, her boss fetched us back to her office to unload all the equipment. After unloading all the stuffs, I accompanied LiXiang home. Left her house at about 5pm because she is meeting her colleagues for dinner and I went to Great World City for dinner with my parents.

Fanny’s 1 Month Old Baby
At night, we went to Fanny’s (her colleague) condominium, The Florida, to celebrate her baby 1 month old birthday. The catered food was not bad. Get to know most of LiXiang’s colleagues during the past 2 days, funny people.

The Sound Of Thunder
Caught The Sound Of Thunder at GV Marina. The show’s plot/storyline is good, but most of the visual effects in the show sucks. It is very obvious that there are 2 different standards of visual effect in the show. The evolved ape and time wave looks good while the landscape/buildings/cars/dinosaurs looks like some polytechnic FYP project. Heard that the initial visual effect company went bankrupt while doing the movie, thus I think the 2nd visual effect company that they hired was on very strict budget.

Been playing around with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and it is very cool. It basically allows interaction of forms without refreshing the page, thus results can be brought to the user almost instantly.