1st Year Anniversary
LiXiang and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary yesterday, codename 1024. It was my dismounting shift. We went to pray at Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, before going to Bugis to take Neocard. It was my 1st time taking Neocard with her after 1 year. Went to Tony Romas at Suntec City for our dinner. It was our 1st time eating at Tony Romas. Food was ok, but prices was abit steep.

Last year, we was watching Ladder 49 together at GV Grand when I 1st held her hand in the Cinema. Time flies! LOL

Flight Plan
I have a stupid range on Saturday afternoon. I wonder did my OC use his brain to think. Furthermore, training shift personnels do not need to attend the range, only standby shift need to go. And furthermore we are going to mount the next day. It is seriously ridiculous. The reason my OC give? Because last range training shift personnels went for it. So it means when you eat last night, you do not eat next week? Wonder what kind of fucked up reason is this. Anyway suck thumb, lan lan have to go. Do not want to resort to take MC because they may play bastard with you and call your house every hour to check whether you at home or not. No wonder people hate the army so much.

Caught a midnight show at Cineleisure, Flight Plan. It was good, but maybe due to I knew the ending from my friend, it is not really exciting for me as compared Phone Booth. And yes, almost throughout the whole movie takes places on-board the plan.

Been such a long time since I played Badminton, Terry, his girlfriend, Geargina, Suqin, LiXiang and I was at the Clementi Sports Hall playing Badminton for 3 hours. After that we ate Aussie’s Best Fish & Chips at Clementi’s Kopitiam, well it kinda sucks. Give me Fish & Co anytime.

LiXiang and I went to Queensway to buy badminton rackets for our future badminton games which will occur fortnightly. Both of us the rackets cost $100 exactly, so we will play more badminton to make the money worth it. LOL

Jean’s Birthday Party
Geargina, Suqin, Serene, Laily, LiXiang and I went for Jean’s birthday party at Aloha. For once, I did not lose my way to an unfamiler place. 1/2 way thought Jean’s Birthday Party, LiXiang and I went to her primary school friend birthday party, also at Aloha. After consuming some food there and LiXiang chatted with her friend, we came back to Jean’s party and have some chat. As all of us was quite tired, we went home at around 11pm+

Sep/Oct Birthday Celebrations
Terry, Geargina, Laily, LiXiang and I was at Marina South to celebrate Johnson, Serene and Suqin belated birthdays. After the dinner we went to a Cafe at Marina to Chill out, the drinks there kinda sucks.

40 Year Old Virgin
Caught 40 Year Old Virgin at GV Grand 3 weeks ago, it was funny, not so much m18 scenes, just the type of stuffs they talk about.