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Caught a sneak preview of Doom at GV Grand. The storyline to this movie is pretty simple and straight forward. No idea why some of the reviews give it bad ratings. From my point of view, I find it is quite average and not as scary as it seems. The last 15 minutes of the movie features the first person shooter view. It is cool but funny at the same time. LOL

Tom Yum Goong
Caught Tom Yum Goong during Hari Raya Puasa at Gv Tiong Bahru. The storyline to his movie is also similar to Ong Bak, just that they replace the Buddha’s head with an elephant. There are much more fighting scenes to this movie and the final fight scene you can see Tony Jaa fighting against alot of people and breaking their bones one by one. The sound effect makes it look realistic. There is this one scene in the airport where Tony Jaa accidentally bumped into a person who look like Jackie Chan or is that person really Jackie Chan? Anyone care to share?

Changing Appetite
Changing Appetite (CA) is a restaurant in Marina Square which is quite similar to NYDC. But it has much more variety of food/drinks/cakes to choose from. Prices are quite reasonable and food tastes quite good. I like the orange sofa chair there, it is very comfortable. I recommend you all to try CA when you are at Marina Square.

Esplanade Makansutra
Had dinner at Esplanade Makansutra today. It is like a mini hawker center in Esplanade featuring good food from Makansutra. If you thought so, then you are really wrong. The food there is freaking expensive and it sucks. What a disgrace to the Makansutra name. I rather walk across to Marina Square and dine at Changing Appetite where the price is almost on par with it. Disappointed with the food.

Sugih’s Gathering
On Sunday, had a secondary school friends gathering at Fish and Co at Wheelock Place. It is quite a special occasion because Sugih stop by a day in Singapore for a transit from Shanghai to Jakarta. He met up with us for dinner. Been at least 3 to 4 years since I last saw him. Nothing much has change about him, just that he speaks English more fluently now. LOL The Fish and Co at Wheelock Place is abit different, it has much more variety of food to choose from. Try the New York’s Fish and Chips there. Also try any of the Big Fish Drink for about $6.50. The drink really lives up to its name of Big, it is the biggest drink I seen so far.

LiXiang’s 21st Birthday
On 12th November 2005, LiXiang turns 21. Happy 21st Birthday Dear.

Sugih’s Gathering On 6th November 2005 Gallery.