Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
Caught Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire at GV Grand. I have booked the tickets about 1 week ago, luckily still managed to get it at a weird timeslot, 10.10pm show. The rest of the slots either sold out or the seats is 1st few rows from the front. The show is roughly around 150 minutes and it is quite action packed if you compare it to the previous Harry Potter series. Quite worth the money, it is good but not fantastic.

Need A New Webhosting
Frozened will be closing down in September 2006 due to the fact we are making too little profits for too much effort used. Thank you Zeus for all your effect put in. I really appreciate it. I have already found a new Webhost recommended by my friend in my department. It is 27 Hosting Company. It is the best and yet it is so value for money. I will be applying for it after May 2006. There should only be a few hours downtime depending on how fast can the DNS be updated.

I will be going to Thailand on 2nd December 2005 (Friday) to 9th December 2005 (Friday), so for those who need my support on my WordPress Plugins, I can only reply to your queries after 9th December 2005. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Original games and original Levis jeans in Thailand are only half the price of Singapore, just for your information =p

Sitex 2005
Sitex 2005 begins tomorrow all the way to 27th November 2005 (Sunday) from 11am to 9pm at Singapore Expo Hall 4 and Hall 5. Thinking for getting an Apple iPod Video (Black) (30GB). Hope there are promotions for it. Then I can have different songs for 8 hours straight listening and doing Lectora at the same time.

I really enjoyed my life there. It is really the best place to be in NS.

increase In Site Traffic
Recently I have been getting like 1k hits per day as compared to 200 hits last time. My bandwidth was suppose to be less than 5GB per month but now it is almost 10GB per month. After checking Google Analytics and Extreme Tracking, I found out that Google Image is indexing my uploaded Playstation 3 image. Don’t believe? Use Goggle Image and search for “playstation 3”, my site is the very 1st results. LOL. The O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei (Chicken Little Dancing) video is getting alot of hits too.