I have release GaMerZ File Explorer 1.10. If case you do not know what it is, it is a PHP script which will enables you to browse a directory similar to how Windows Explorer browse directories in Windows.

» Here Is A Demo

The date is 1st December 2005 because over here in Singapore it is 2 more hours till 1st December 2005.

Here is the changelog:
// Version 1.10 (01-12-2005)
– NEW: Now Support Nice URL Via Apache’s mod_rewrite. User Can Choose To Enable/Disble Nice URL Option It In config.php
– NEW: Rewrote The Codes That Displays The Files And Folders, Now There Will Be No ‘/’ In Front Of Any Folders Or Files
– NEW: settings.php Will Now Contain Most Of The Default Settings, So For Future Versions, You Do Not Need To Overwrite config.php Anymore
– NEW: Ability To Sort By Type
– NEW: Proper HTML Error Page
– NEW: title=”” Being Added To Almost Every

– NEW: favicon.ico Added
– NEW: .mdb|.mov|.msi|.ra|.rm|.tif|.wma|.wmv Extensions Added
– FIXED: Extension Not Showing When It Is In Upper Case
– FIXED: Files Listed In $ignore_files And $ignore_folders Will Now Be More Specified. If Ignore File Is ‘test/test.htm’, Only ‘test.htm’ In ‘test’ Folder Will Be Ignored Rather Than ‘test.htm’ Throughout All The Folders
– FIXED: No More Use Of PHP Short Tag
– FIXED: Unknown Or Undefined File Extension, The File Extension Image Will Now Be unknown.gif
– FIXED: Invalid Checking Of Directory in view.php
– FIXED: Grammer Mistakes For Singular And Pural
– FIXED: No Extension Given If There Is Spaces In The File Name That Is Being Downloaded

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