Sitex 2005
Went to Sitex 2005 on Saturday, it was quite crowded because besides Sitex 2005, there is also a lifestyle and Big Boyz Toyz exhibitions going on.

I finally got myself a Apple Black iPod Video 30GB for $521 with a $26 iPod accessories voucher. Use that voucher to buy the screen protector for $29, paid additional $3. When I came home I check the Internet, I found out that Martin Field Overlay is only selling for $25, felt so cheated, damn it.

LiXiang also finally bought herself a Wacom Tablet Intuos 3(A5) for about $440. It is quite cool playing with it. But I am still not that used to it.

Went over to Big Boyz Toyz which is at Hall 3, I managed to get 2 free tickets to Big Boyz Toyz from my camp mates. When I went it, I was disappointed, there was nothing to see at all besides cars and motorcycles and some other stuffs. Luckily I never paid $10 for it. If not I will surely regret.

SPL (Sha Po Lang), Dragon Squad, Sky High
Watch these movies over the week. Dragon Squad was filled with weapon actions and SPL was filled with kung fu action, both storyline was very simple and average. Sky High was average. It is quite interesting to watch but the storyline is lame.

Will be leaving for Thailand tomorrow, flight is at 11am. Will be back on the 9th December 2005 at about 6pm. Its time for shopping!

Poor LiXiang still have so much work to rush. It really breaks my heart to see her like that. But I feel helpless because there is nothing much I can help her with besides fetching her home in the comfort of a car after a tiring day of work.