On Friday, went to my cousin’s birthday dinnet at Marina Square’s Yuki Yaki. The food there is so much better compared to what I eat 3 years ago. At least now the food is self-service and the DIY ice-cream is free flow. Last time, they used to serve you plate-by-plate even though it is buffet. And the ice cream cost like $2+ per cup. Time have changed. LOL

On Saturday, went to mom€„¢s friend house for our last Lunar New Year Visiting. In the evening, met up with Suqin, Laily, Serene, Kee Yong, Jackie aka Wayne for dinner. Ate Fish and Co. As LiXiang and Serene was tired, Suqin got something on, we disbanded quite early.

Today, went to Sim Lim Square to buy my graphics card, PowerColor ATI Radeon X800 Pro. It suppose to be Pro, but they overclock to the X800 XT instead. It cost $488 and I bought it from Cybermind. I wanted to NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS. But according to Ban Leong (the distributor for most of the graphics card) it is 100% sold out in Singapore. Thus no choice have to settle for the next best and within the budget.

Going to watch Fun With Dick and Jane later at GV Jurong Point.