Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to all. Heez~

I have been too tired to write the card the nite before, so i practically drafted everything in the office. And sorry my dear, by accident i found out that you are sending me flowers to the office. Erm… No more surprises liao. Instead, my neck stretches till very very long becoz my flowers haven€„¢t arrive till like 4.30pm. Still gana suan by my boss “The florist must be very busy”. Duh~ (-.-‘”)

To avoid the human crowd after work, i left my workplace on the dot for dinner. Dinner at Outback Restaurant, Millennia Walk. The food has never disappointed us. The soup is superb, the side and main dish are awesome. But just because of that special day, I feel that the restaurant is over-crowded with couples. We are one of them who they earn the money from. It become so not romantic, no privacy.

After dinner, we exchanged presents at the Sky Garden at Suntec. Other than the card and flowers, I have got something special €œ a customise ez-link card with our photo. Lester also bought a card holder to put the ez-link card and 2 $10 notes. Becoz I often left my handphone and wallet with him and forget to collect at the end of the day. So he has specially prepared these for my emergency use. Practical and thoughtful~ I have another heart-shaped pastry from Lester€„¢s mum. Yum yum~

New Executive Secretary
Geraldine is the new secretary for Richard. Finally~ He won’t yell at me or Fanny liao. But this gal is far too friendly and extrovert, makes me feel rather uneasy. It just make me think: are you really that friendly and sincere?