Today is all about blog reading. Have been so busy on the weekends, to do whatever that is not done in the weekdays, and surfing from blogs to blogs is a luxury for me. However, when it comes to reading updated blogs, it is definitely more than disappointment.

Among the click whom i browse most:

  • Lester – whatever he writes i will definitely read & his life with the cute cute me
  • Terry – with tons and tons of photos
  • Laily – full of philiosphies, sometimes also dunno what she wanna say
  • Xiu Hui – bet she dunno i am reading
  • Geok Leng, June & Wei Jyh – if i browse one, i will browse the other 2
  • Suqin – occassionally you can find great photographs in there

Those whose name are not mention, lagi worst. Start blogging now!!!