IT Show 2006
The IT Show 2006 was on for 4 days, out of the 4 days, I went there for 3 days. LOL. First day was with LiXiang. LiXiang and I bought a *hidden* together with *hidden* for my brother as his 17th birthday present coming this 28th March 2006. Damage incurred, $129.

Second day, went with my camp mates, didn’t bought anything.

The third day was with LiXiang and Laily, traded in my old iPaq 5450 for the new iPaq rx1950. The cost of iPaq rx1950 was $499, but as Robin is working at the HP booth, I bought it from him and he didn’t earn my commission for that. Thanks so much Robin if you are reading this. Thus after trading in $140, I paid $330 more. After that I went to the 6th level and bought a 1GB SD card for $57. Damage incurred, $387.

Laily bought a Canon iXus 60 after much consideration.

Total damage taken: $516

iPAQ rx1950
Been playing around with it and installing a lot of useful applications thanks to Shaun. I hope I can get used to a PDA and make it as important as my HP. LiXiang if you are reading this, u > *. Hehe

Here are some applications to share:
» Adobe Acrobat Reader For Pocket PC
» Calendar+ v2.2.10
» Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC
» Microsoft Money 2005 For Pocket PC
» Resco Explorer 2005 v5.35
» Singapore Transport Guide
» SK Tools 2.3.30
» VNC Viewer For Pocket PC

Big Mama House 2
Caught this show with LiXiang, Laily and Jackey. Not too bad, quite funny, but not worth $8.50. I didn’t watch Big Mama House 1 though. So I have no idea whether part 2 is link with part 1.

Oh ya, while waiting for LiXiang and Laily, Jackey saw Alvin and JieLin. It has been a long time since I last saw them, they still look the same not much different.

Soup Restaurant
Had dinner at Soup Restaurant at Suntec with the additional of one member, Johnson. Long time didn’t see him, seems darker and skinnier. His vocation as a combat engineer must be eating away his flash.