Due to the proposal tender that is due to this mid-noon, I stayed through the night in the office to format the reports. Not out of willingness. It really makes me mad when she asked ‘I believe you do not have anything for tonight?’. And formatting a proposal is the most tedious and time-consuming thing to do.

Anyway, stay at Lester’s house last night so that I can save my traveling time to the office today. Had this very painful stomach the moment I board the bus, the urge to answer to nature call. The cold air from the air-condition makes me feel more like rushing to the toilet. A lot of thoughts run through my mind at then. Where should I alight for the toilet? Alight at the office? I’m afraid I’m the earliest and I do not have any keys to the office, so no toilet~ Maybe China Square food court has a toilet. But what if it doesn’t?

Only when the bus pass turns into Fuji Xerox building, then I remember I can choose either M Hotel or International Plaza. Really cannot tahan liao. Probably ate the wrong food last nite. The bus skipped the M Hotel stop and hauled at IP instead. Thank god~ I can’t imagine the consequence.

Today bowel is damn efficient. I probably will learn this lesson and put put the first thing in the morning. (x_x)