Mission Impossible III
Caught MI: 3 on Saturday at GV Grand, the movie was not bad, I think it is better than MI:II in terms of everything. But the movie is rather short. They did not mention what the rabbit’s foot is and how Ethan Hunt went into the building and retrieve it. Had some coffee and cake at Spinelli before the movie start. The new banana cheesecake at Spinelli is very nice, all banana lovers should try it.

Uberburger at Millenia Walk is famous for their $101 burger, which consist of 180g wagyu beef patty with a piece of seared foie gras embedded inside, truffle cream sauce and salad greens tossed in champagne dressing. Of course I am not so rich to eat that and I don’t really like foie gras. I ate the $32 wagyu beef burger, which I mistaken it for $22. The menu can be quite misleading if you do not read it carefully. Don’t believe me, go to the site and download the menu and you will know what I mean. Anyway, LiXiang ate the double d chicken breast burger. We drank the soup of the day where they call it soup kettle, it is some cold tomato soup and it taste weird, I don’t think soup is meant to be drank cold.

Besides the burger, they also serve a lot of beverages, the ambience is good. Quite a good place to chill out apart from eating the burger. =D

Maxtor’s 300GB HDD
Got a new Maxtor’s 300GB HDD for backup purposes from PK Computer for $268 including external casing. It is nescassary, if you computer blows, money can get you a better computer, but the data in it will be gone forever.

May’s Movies
This month has lots of good movie to watch:
» MI:III (3th May 2006)
» Poseidon (11th May 2006)
» The Da Vinci Code (18th May 2006)
» Over The Hedge (19th May 2006)
» X-Men III: The Last Stand (25th May 2006)