Manhattan Fish Market
Met up with Kenny and his girlfriend on Monday last week for dinner, we ate at Manhattan Fish Market. It is similar to Fish & Co, but the prices there are relatively cheaper. For examples the fish & chips at Manhattan is $9.90 whereas at Fish & Co, it is $13.90. In terms of quality of the food, I think Fish & Co is much better.

Caught Poseidon at GV Grand on Thursday at 11.30pm. My dear cannot tahan weekday midnight movie, before the movie starts, she fell asleep, I think this is the 2nd time she fell asleep on a weekday midnight movie. LOL

Poseidon was kinda action packed, my eyes was glued to the screen throughout the whole movie, though it was a bit short, about 100 minutes long. It is different from Titanic because in Poseidon, there was not much of a love story involved. The movie CGI was good. There are 2 things I still don’t understand. They can hold their breath for damn long, even a child who is about 6 years old. And the other thing was, everytime after they escaped from the ship, help will then arrived. But on the other hand, if you think, so what if help was there? I don’t think they can do anything to a sinking ship. LOL

Went to IMM yesterday. Been about 3 years since I last been to IMM because IMM always give me a impression that there are not much things there to shop. But I was wrong, actually it has quite a lot of shops to shop and it was crowded maybe because parking there is free and there is a Giant Hypermarket there.

Imation 1GB Mini Flash Drive
My mom bought a Epson LQ590 Dot Matrix Printer for about $616 from Funan’s South Asia Computer. For every $100 and above spend, I can get a Imation or Sandisk 1GB Mini Flash Drive for $69.90. I bought it and pass my previous 256mb Iomega Mini Flash Drive to my mom. Finally I got a 1GB thumb drive.

Hope I am not too late to say this: To All Mothers Out There, Happy Mother’s Day.