This is the day every NSF has been waiting for, after serving the nation for 2 years and 2 months, it is time to say ORD LOH.

My NSF Life:

» 9th June 2004 – 23rd September 2004
(BMTC2 Pegasus, Platoon 3, Section 1)
» 4th October 2004 – 3rd December 2004
(School Of Provost MP Basic Course 3/2004, Platoon 1, Section 3)
» 6th December 2004 – 11th November 2006
(Gombak Base,Platoon 1, Section 1)
» 14th November 2005 – 8th August 2006

Downgraded on 11th November 2006 from PES B to PES C2L2 and posted to SAFTI INTEC, and that place is the best place to be in as a NSF.

Got my PINK IC earlier on 4th August 2006 instead of 8th August 2006 because I requested it due to study commitments =D

Looking Back: Tekong Here I Come

Cheers to all my army mates who still visit this site, please do keep in touch =D