My orientation group, Veragok (God of Shadow) won the best orientation group. There were a total of 10 groups. Even though I think some of the orientation activities are quite dumb, but I am glad I went for most of it because I got to know a lot of friends, this makes lecture, lunch, lab and tutorial less lonelier.

My official study term started since Monday, finally I am back to study. The feeling is so good after wasting 2 years and 2 months doing nothing productive. And speaking of it, guys REMEMBER TO CANCEL YOUR PIONEER MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION because they charge your 3 years advanced payment to your last pay and that total up about $14.40. Please made an effort to cancel even though you are rich, lazy is not an excuse, unless you like to read it then I got nothing to say. As if 26 months of Pioneer Magazine is not enough and they still want to give you 36 more months of it.

Firstly, NUS is damn big, you need to take the internal shuttle bus to get to places unlike polytechnic. Secondly, the food is VERY cheap, $1.50 for chicken rice and it is filling, $2.30 for hot plate grilled fish with spaghetti. Thirdly, the Internet is blazing fast, so much faster than Singapore Polytechnic. And of course, nothing beats studying.

Caught click last week at Cineleisure with LiXiang and Laily. It was a good show, very touching and it shows the different side of human. Recommended! I think LiXiang and I will cut down our movie watching from 4 times per month to maybe once or twice per month due to school work.

Oreo Cheesecake
My ah dear aka LiXiang made Oreo Cheesecake for me. Even though it is her first attempt in making Oreo Cheesecake, it tasted good. When you cut it to bite sizes and freeze it, it tastes even better. Seriously, I am not joking.

To ah dear: THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHEESECAKE, so what is the next cake you going to make for me? =D