Been so busy with school and nothing else but school, endless tutorials, lab exercises, quiz, test one after the other. Almost no breathing space at all.

But anyway, back to my blog topic, was doing my revision on CS1102, Data Structures and Algorithm, come across this question:

Assume we have a list of the integers 1 to n, where n is even. I take the items off one by one and enqueue the items at position 1,3,5,7, ¦ n-1 in the list into a queue qodd, and push the items at position 2,4,6,8 ¦ n into a stack seven. I dequeue all of the queues qodd items one by one, pushing each item onto a stack sodd. I then pop all of stack seven, one by one, enqueuing each of its items into a queue qeven. Finally, I gather all of them items back into one list, first by dequeuing an item from qeven, then popping an item from sodd. I continue alternating these paired operations of dequeue and pop until both qeven and sodd are empty.

After reading it, I was like WTF, this is not exactly testing your algorithm but testing the level of confusion you can absorb. Retarded question, and further more this is a MCQ, if it is structured it is not that bad at least got more marks for it.

I like programming, but I hate the written part of it.