Had the famous Mee Rebus and Soto Ayam located at Bedok Central Hawker Center before proceeding to Sitex 2006. It cost only $1.50 for the Mee Rebus and $2.00 for the Soto Ayam, and the portion is quite a lot. Cheap and good, best Mee Rebus and Soto Ayam I have eaten, not doubt about it.

Sitex 2006
I do not really like this year Sitex, nothing much to see and the walking path is so narrow. Imagine going on a weekday after lunch hour and there is barely enough space to walk in Hall 4. Hall 3 was very space out, but not Hall 4. I think this year they focus a lot of laptops. For other stuffs, I think you can get it at the same price in Sim Lim Square on any ordinary day.

They should be more focus and let only IT related companies set up booth there, I have no idea what is Prudential doing there, and furthermore they are located at a place where traffic is quite high.

» Wanted to buy CDRs and DVDRs, but did not fancy any, the choices are quite limited.
» Wanted to buy those $12 mouse pad (Battle Pad), but didn’t come across any.
» Wanted to get Logitech G3 Laser Mouse, but my mouse is not spoilt yet.
» Wanted to get a Sony DVD Writer because my TDK writer just fuck me up so many times (DO NOT BUY TDK Writer) but didn’t come across any.
» Wanted to upgrade my current 120GB HDD to a 300HDD, but after some thought, I rather save the money for my Intel Core 2 Quad in 2008.

To counter Starhub free laptop/desktop deals, Singnet is giving away a Sony Bravia 32″ LCD TV (Worth $1999). Not a bad deal I must say.

Site Issues
» I have more or less finalize the revamped layout, it will be similar to this current layout.
» I will be using FamFamFam icons for the new layout.
» The header image will be designed by LiXiang.
» It will not be 800×600 friendly, but it will be as IE/FF/Opera friendly as possible.
» There is currently a wap version for the blog section, in addition, I will create a mobile version (for PPC users) for the blog section.
» WordPress will be upgraded to 2.0.x, and it will be used to managed the whole site. No more static pages, all will be dyamically generated.
» New/upgraded WordPress plugins will be launch bit by bit, those that I create personally for this site.
» The site will be validated in XHTML 1.1 Transitional.

Left 2 more papers, MA1301 and CS1231X, all will be over next week. Back to study.