Monday 7pm, marks the end of my exams, time to relax and update my plugins, and if I have time HTMLise my new layout.

Windows Vista
I have installed Windows Vista on my computer. The GUI is really good, but it lags my computer or rather it does not run as fast as Windows XP run on my computer.

My Windows Experience Index:
Processor : 3.2
Memory (RAM): 3.8
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 4.9
Primary Hard Disk: 5.2

You can check the specs of my current computer under About -> Toys. I think Windows Vista need duo core and at least 1GB of ram to run smoothly.

Now I am considering whether to stick to my XP or buy the OEM of Vista Home Premium.

Happy Feet & Open Season
Caught Happy Feet and Open Season, 2 movies within a day, back to back at Vivo City today. Both movies are not bad. Will be watching Deja Vu tomorrow at Vivo City also. Hope to watch Flag Of Our Fathers too.

To My Ah Dear: Sorry if I neglected you for the past 2 weeks due to my exams, I will make it up to you =D