Celebrated our 3rd Valentine’s day together. Gave her a heart shape chocolate ice cream cake from Swensen and a bouqet of 6 pink roses. Bought the flowers from a reseller in HWZ and they are reliable. Cheers to Flora De Petals. Flowers were delivered within time frame unlike last year where I also bought from a reseller in HWZ and the flowers are 1 hour late.

She gave me a home made Crystal Ball which is very nice and another present I like the most is the stack of miniature’s photos that shows the process of us from friends all the way to become couple. She is going to frame it up for me. Thank you dear <3

Went to Jurong Point for dinner, wanted to eat pizza hut, but after calculating the price I think Fish & Co will be more worth it. But end up I am wrong. The waitress told me that there is ala carte menu available but after ordering my food, the manager came and tell me they only serve Valentine Day’s menu and they jacked up the price by like more than $10.

There are only 2 menu, set menu for 1 at $29.90 and set menu for 2 at $60. I ordered the set menu for 2 and it came only with Seafood Platter for 2, 2 glasses of 3/4 filled drink and 2 tiny slices of cake and of course 2 pairs of valentine day key chain. After GST and all sort of charges, paid close to $70 for it and after calculating the price taken from the ala carte, the most it is only $55. Stupid Fish & Co, this will be my first and last time I will visit Fish & Co at Jurong Point.

Should have went to Millenium Walk to eat Outback instead like what we did last valentine’s day.