Wishing all Chinese a Happy Chinese New Year 2007. It is the year of the pig, the last animal of the Chinese Zodiac.

Been so busy lately, my parents and brother went for holidays in ShenZhen, China, while I stayed in Singapore to look after the household.

Chinese New Year is the same every year, same old routine, nothing much of a interest here other than my dad’s youngest brother came back from LA for 2 weeks to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. He bought for me a Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag, Emporio Armani Jeans and a GAP t-shirt. My mom and my brother got an Armani Exchange Belt and some clothes.

My uncle came on 9th February 2007 and went back today. Fetched him to the airport early in the morning like 7am and my family also came back today, thus making 2 trips to the airport.

Caught Ghost Rider and Just Follow Law (Singapore’s Production). Ghost Rider was very average, the animation is good, but the storyline kinda suck. It makes Blackheart looks so weak.

Just Follow Law is not bad, another Jack Neo’s movie. Been laughing throughout the whole movie. But I think Fann Wong cannot act in comedy films because she still look so stern.

After not switching off my computer for 2 weeks, I finally off it today and to my surprise after I came back from the airport, my monitor cannot power on. Argh. My busiest period is coming due to lots of report to type and assignments due. Of all times, my monitor gave up on me today.

Going to send in for service tomorrow at Commonwealth. This monitor will be 4 years old when November comes. If the servicing fee is above $100, I am going to get a Samsung 20″ WideScreen LCD monitor from IT Show (8th to 11th March 2007) instead of servicing it.

My brother is also going to get a new computer soon after my grandmother “persuade” my grandfather to buy him one when he is drunk in China. Budget, $3000 including monitor.

UPDATE: OMG, my monitor works now