Been so busy with my school work. End of semester is coming and hence lots of projects going to be due. 2 reports and 1 programming assignment left to do. Just submitted my CS2250 video assignment. The lecturer was very strict about the requirement. The video cannot even be a second longer than 5 minutes. It must be either under 5 minutes of exactly at 5 minutes.

Started on my programming assignment for CS2261. It is programming in Java Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0, and for the assignment 2 for tis module I will be using JSP.

I always think that Java sucks, and till today, I still take my stand. I have no idea why Universities and Polytechnic in Singapore teaches Java and not .NET.

If I can use PHP to do this assignment, I can finish it within a day. With all those Beans and JavaDB, it just makes my life more difficult. To add 1 data entry to the JavaDB I have to like code 4 classes just to do one simple thing. Grrr.