Been so busy for the past 2 weeks, end of semester is coming and hence a lot of assignments is due. Been doing my CS2261 EJB at Starbucks while LiXiang does her drawing. Now I know where to find power outlet seats in certain Starbucks. LOL.

Caught Music & Lyrics at GV VivoCity, at first I thought the show was quite boring, but after watching the show, I must say that the show is good, simple and clean love story and to add on, the soundtrack is excellent. If you watch this movie, you need to get the soundtrack, it comes hand in hand.

Tried No Signboard seafood at GV VivoCity. When it comes to seafood, normally my family would go to Long Beach at Marina, but this time we wanted to try something new. The price at No Signboard was more towards the expensive side, the crab was nice especially the white pepper crab, but the chilli crab cannot beat Long Beach.

Finally handed in my CS2261 Assignment 1 – EJB, I still have an assignment 2 for it which is using JSP and servlet. I did a module on that in polytechnic and was disappointed that I never get an distinction, just got an A. I was looking through the code and realized that I am good in JSP/Servlet during my polytechnic days, now I can’t even recall a single thing after 2 years and 2 months of brainwashing.

Serious, Java Entity SUCKS. Long live SQL queries.