Birthday Celebration With Family (23rd March 2007)
Celebrated my birthday with my family at Vivo City at Dian Xiao Er one day in advance because my parents, grandparents, and my uncle will be going to Vietnam for a business meeting.

My birthday cake was an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry and they ran out of dry ice and expect me to take home an ice cream cake box that is wrapped in aluminum foil. Even my place is near Vivo City, the cake will melt before I get home. Poor service.

My uncle bought back this candle from China which is interesting, take a look here. And yes the ice cream cake design from Ben & Jerry sucks. I think I will stick to Swensens’ ice cream cake next time.

Birthday Celebration With GF, Bro, Bro’s GF (24th March 2007)
After sending my parents to the airport, the 4 of us went to Outback to celebrate our birthday, my brother birthday is on 28th March. First time tried the $29.90 sirloin steak there and boy does it taste good, it is better than Jack’s Place, no doubt about that.

As usual, no matter how many times we eat at Outback, the food we ordered can never be finished. LOL. 4 of us ate 4 main courses along with 2 soup, 1 plate of chicken fillet, 1 Bloomin’ Onion, and 1 Bushman ‘Shrooms

After the filling lunch, we proceed to Tiger Live at St James Power Station, my mom got the tickets priced at $18 for free because she bought some tiger beer from the airport. The thing is like a heritage tour of Tiger Beer and I love the 4D segment of it, it was very well done. The last top was Tiger Cool, a bar where they serve Tiger Beer between -2°C to 2°C. And it tastes really different from outside, it is so much nicer.

After Tiger Live, we spent like 4 hours waiting for our movie TMNT to start because I miscalculated the time and book a 9.45 pm show. TMNT was just average, but the animation was fantastic and it is very very loosely based on TMNT 2003 (Cartoon) with Karai in it. I am a huge TMNT fan by the way.

Launch Of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars
I went to Funan to collect my Pre-Order card from The Software Boutique on Sunday because I figured if I go to the launch party, I will have more freebies.

I went there at 1.30 pm to Lido level 5 and the number of people there is crazy, it was so crowded, considering the fact that it will not be launch till 2 pm. And Lido space sucks, it is so cramped and I think they did not anticipate the crowd. But overall it was orderly. And they should have more booths to redeem the game because there are only 2 booths, 1 booth for GDI and 1 booth for NOD, so whichever faction you prefer you can redeem your freebies according to your favorite faction. I am not the first 300 customers because I did not receive the poster =(

I got Kane’s Edition and the box that contains the CD is VERY NICE, I think it is the best-designed game CD cover I have ever bought. One of the freebies is the Razor Mantis mouse pad which I like a lot. I think I am going to get a Razor mouse soon so that it can match the mouse pad.

Crumpler Laptop Bag
Saw this nice Crumpler Laptop Bag at the Crumpler Shop at Wheelock, it cost $216 and it is called the The Part and Parcel and it fits a 15″ laptop. I am thinking of getting that using my donations I have got so far when the exchange rate is better =D

I am a bag lover and I have lots and lots of bag, till my mom and LiXiang keeps nagging at me to stop buying bag. LOL

BTW, this site also turned 5 on 24th March 2007 =D