Celebrated my birthday with my polytechnic classmates last Thursday at Glass House Fish & Co. Wanted to eat Tao’s Restaurant at Paradize center at first, but last minuted I decided that it was a bit expensive, $28.80++ for a 7 course set dinner, whereas Fish & Co the most will be about $24 without any ++. We waited for like 30 minutes for our seat, it is crowded and they do not want to open up the 2nd level. And there are like 4 birthdays going on there, because the live band sang the birthday song 4 times while we are there. The ambiance was so noisy due to the live band and the loud music that we cannot even hear each other properly. I think next time we will avoid going to the glass house at night for Fish & Co. It is the worst experience I have with them.

Prison Break Season 2 ended last night, I was a late comer, I only started watching Prison Break last month and I manage to finish 2 seasons (44 episodes) within a month. There will be a Prison Break Season 3, but I have no idea when they going to end it. I find Prison Break better than Heroes because of its unexpected twist and every episode is very exciting. Heroes will start airing again on 23rd April 2007.

Next week will be my last week of school before my exams starts on 21st April 2007 to 2nd May 2007.