Queued up for the doughnuts at Vinco The Donut Parlour which is located at 2nd level of VivoCity before our movie. We queued for like 20 minutes and the doughnuts sucks. It taste so not fluffy and I think the doughnut went on diet. It is overhyped and we are queuing for the inefficiency of the management. Only 1 patethic sales person serving a long queue and there are like 6 people in the kitchen. The sales person has to go in the kitchen to check whether has a certain flavor of doughnut been made yet, so she will make at least 2 to 3 trips per customer, walking in, walking out. And while she is in the kitchen, the customer is there waiting. I can’t think of a better phrase to describe this than “a single core”. I think the management need to wake up its idea.

Caught Fracture on Sunday evening at GV Vivocity, the show is just average, as what LiXiang said, it is a silent triller, but often I think ahead of the movie like the outcome and in the case of this movie, it is quite predictable.

Took my EC1301 (economics) on Saturday afternoon, the paper is tough. Did 3 past semester papers and the difficulty of this paper exceeds everything. Hope I can get at least a B-.

My next paper is FNA1002X (accounting) and it is on this Thursday, after this Thursday paper, I can relax a little because I have more confidence in my CS modules.