My parents bought for my brother and I each a King Coil queen size bed. Our previous bed lasted us for 10 years and the bed frame lasted us for 16 years. The queen size bed cost about $500+ each and it came last Wednesday.

As the bed is pretty big and in order not to make my room looks cramp, I did a major rearrangement to all the furnitures in my room (CD rack, bookshelves, study table, computer table and television stand). I got rid of my old Ikea television stand and bought a new stand from Ikea for $19. I just love Ikea furnitures, it is cheap, good and nice looking. Who cares whether or not it is lasting because you will not use it for that long either. My mom also got 2 executive chairs for us to replace our old chair which lasted for more than 5 years.

My mom will be moving into her new office soon in Enterprise Hub located at Toh Guan Road East.