As you all might heard that Nokia is going to announce something on the 29th August 2007 (Next Wednesday) in London. The event name will be called Nokia: GO PLAY. The same event will be held here in Singapore on the exact same date. This Asia Pacific press conference will be held concurrently with the global press conference in London.

This morning I got a call from Dinesh who is working for Nokia Asia Pacific and to my shock he invited me to the event which is going to be held in Singapore on 29th August 2007. No words can describe how happy I am and just that phone call along is enough to made my day. I have been monitoring several mobile phones sites for leak shots of the new Nokia phones but to actually see it with my own eyes is something that I have never think of.

I will bring my laptop and my camera to the event and hopefully there is an Internet connection to allow me to post live shots of the announced handphones (if they have the demo model there) on this site. So you might want to stay tuned to this site on Wednesday, 29th August 2007. The event will be in the evening.

With Samsung, Microsoft and Nokia finding my blog, I am starting to feel that after all these years in maintaining my blog, my efforts had paid off.

THANK YOU Dinesh, if you are reading this.