I got woken up by a call at 4.34am this morning. It is a guy over at the end of the line and here is the brief conversation we had:

He: Is that Lester? Are you from Chatline?
Me: Yes, I am Lester, but I am not from Chatline
He: Are you from Chatline? (he ask again)
Me: No
He: Ok Thanks, I think you friend had sabotage you by putting your name and number on chatline
Me: I see, Ok, Bye (I hang up after that)

I went back to bed and 5 minutes later, calls and SMSes keep coming. All the numbers point to mobile phone numbers and none of them is private. I did not pick up any calls, but I took a look at the SMSes and they all mean this “Hi, are you from chatline? Care to do a intro?”

I was like WTF? It is like 4.45am in the morning and I am getting all this nonsense. I got quite pissed off and I woke up and did a google search of my mobile phone number and the phrase “chatline” in Google Singapore.

Guess what? I chanced upon this news article by The Straits Time, “Irritating chatline SMSes invading privacy” and it is dated on 6th March 2008 which is like only 5 days ago.

Apparently the victim is also a M1 subscriber which is same as me. M1 asked the victim to report police which I think is not much of a help as the police can’t do anything besides filling a report.

I am going to terminate my M1 contract once my 2 years contract expire with them in September 2008 and by that time the True Number Portability will be out.

Chatlines are used mainly by guys judging from the calls and SMSes I received. To those guys, please GET A FUCKING LIFE. If you are so desperate into getting friends to talk to you, brush up on your social skills or sign on with the army and you got lots of buddy waiting for you.