Prior to my ordering of Dell Monitors, my desktop computer crashed after 15 minutes into a demonstration of a 3D application. It always happen when I run 3D applications. But this time after it crashes and reboots, it can’t detect my Ethernet Card (Intel PRO/1000 CT Network Connection) which is embedded on my motherboard. I tried installing drivers but it still does not work. I got quite pissed off with it and hence I formatted my computer. Even after formatting, it still cannot detect my Ethernet Card. I got even more pissed and feel like throwing my computer out of the window or even smashing it with my hands.

I left my computer as it is and went to pick LiXiang up. We went to Jurong Point for dinner and on the way I bought a Linksys Wireless G Adapter (WUSB54G). This is the second time I am buying this adapter. The first time I bought it for my camp and then after I ORDed, I sold it to Laily for half price and now I am buying it again for S$59.00.

Went back home and when I was about to fix up my Wireless Adapter, I decided to give my Ethernet Card one last chance. So I installed the drivers again, and to my surprise it works. I have no idea whether to be happy or sad as I just spent $59.00 on the Wireless Adapter and now I do not need it.

But since I am going to move my desktop computer to the living room for my Dad, I guess the Wireless Adapter will come in handy as I do not have a long RJ45 cable.