Been at least a week since I last updated this blog. I have been so busy with my other work even during my school holidays.

Here is what I have been up to:

James Blunt’s All The Lost Souls Tour
Caught James Blunt’s All The Lost Souls Tour at the Indoor stadium on the 13th May 2008. It is a one night only concert. Being a poor student, we got the cheapest seat which is S$68. I must say that the concert is not that bad although I do not know most of this songs. I have been waiting for the hit song 1973, and he sang it as the last song during the encore which really makes the audience really high. The British girls in front of us was dancing themselves away while we just sit down on our chairs singing to the song.

Been trying to promote FRRO together with my partners, David and Michael but somehow we are too technical and we suck in marketing. Going to try Facebook Ads, Google AdSense and perhaps Adverlets or BLOG2u. FRRO office has been bootstrapped to my mom’s office since she got 2 unused units. We are going to do up some signage on the door as well as in our office. We have finally changed the layout of FRRO and integrated our FRRO blog with the main site and of course it is powered by WordPress.

Wave 2 Of My Plugins
Been coding really hard to finalize the second and final wave of my remaining 4 plugins updates. Namely WP-Ban, WP-DBManager, WP-DownloadManager and WP-PostViews. Just to let you all know that the plugins are more or less done unless some last minute bug came out. Version 3
Version 3 of this site is definitely going to come on 9th June 2008 which marks the 4 years and 6 months of the current layout. Version 3 is 99.9% done, I have just completed coding the Gallery function and modified the Since Last Visit plugin by Alex King to work with WordPress 2.5. I have also added all the 301 redirects from the current url to the new url into the .htaccess.

Samsung VP-MX10
I feel so bad to keep delaying the review of the Samsung VP-MX10. I even dreamt of Kelvin (the guy in-charge) asking me where is the review. It was freaky. I finally found some time, played around with the MX10, took a few sample videos and wrote the review. The review is 75% done!

Singapore Food Expo 2008
My mom has 2 booths this year at the Singapore Food Expo 2008 which is located in Hall 5 at the Singapore Expo. The Singapore Food Expo 2008 has been on since Friday (23rd May 2008) and it will be on till this coming Tuesday (27th May 2008). The opening hours is from 11am to 10pm. My mom booth is SA07 and SB15. As she did not employ any promoters this year, I will be there to help for the 3 days out of the 5 days. I helped out on Friday and I will be there on Monday as well as Tuesday.

Dad Going To Vietnam
My dad will be flying off to Vietnam to work on the 12th June 2008 for 6 months and he will be back only after Christmas 2008. Been teaching him how to use the computer, how to surf the Internet, how to create, send and read emails and lastly I need to teach him how to use MSN. I think by using the Internet, it would be the most cost effective way of contacting or reaching us. I wanted to give a presentation on WordPress 2.5 during the June 2008 Singapore PHP User Group meetup, but unfortunately, it falls on the 11th June 2008 which is the day before my dad departure to Vietnam.

Computer Games
Started to play all my computer games lately like Team Fortress 2, Command & Conquer 3, Crysis and DotA as now my computer can support all these games!