It looks EXACTLY the same as the old iPhone. But it is MUCH CHEAPER. US$199 for 8GB and USD299 for 16GB, which translate to S$271.81 for the 8GB and S$408.19 for the 16GB one. BUT the prices stated comes with a 2 years contract.

The only difference between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone is the additional of 3G support (duh), GPS (Assisted GPS), the back is now in black or white, flushed headphone jack and better audio quality.

I am so disappointed with this year WWDC. I was hoping they announced a better iPhone successor.

Now lets wait and see how much Singtel is going to charge for a 2 year plan for the iPhone 3G.

100% the iPhone 3G will be coming to Singapore. Check out Apple Singapore Store: iPhone 3G. But when is still a question mark.

The irony is that it is CHEAPER than a iPod Touch and with additional Phone, GPS and Bluetooth capability! Looks like Apple just killed the iPod Touch.

*UPDATE* The iPhone 3G link is up in Apple Singapore,, and Singtel is the only telecom so far to bring it,