I am a sucker when it comes to changelog. I document almost every changes I made to my WordPress plugins’ under their respective changelog and I am hopping to bring that good habbit to this site as well.

It has been 1 month since the launch of lesterchan.net Version 3.0. Along the way I fixed many bugs and added a few new features to the site.

1 month later, I present to you lesterchan.net Version 3.10.

Version 3.10 (4th July 2008)

  • NEW: Reorganised “Welcome to lesterchan.net” box
  • NEW: Seperated My Computer and My Desktop in “Welcome” box
  • NEW: Added 10 Recent Posts from My WordPress Plugins Blog to “Welcome” box
  • NEW: Added 10 Recent Posts to “Welcome” box
  • NEW: Added 10 Recent Comments to “Welcome” box
  • NEW: Added user IP below Last Visited date
  • NEW: Added a link to my Twitter profile
  • NEW: Renamed “Lester …” to “Lester Chan on Twitter” and moved it to “Welcome” box


  • NEW: Renamed “x Comments” to “x Responses”, “1 Comment” to “1 Response” and “No Comments” to “No Response” as reponses are made up of comments, trackbacks and pingbacks
  • NEW: Trackbacks and Pingbacks are displayed separately from the comments and they are counted seperately as well
  • NEW: Prefixed a “arrow point right” icon to the “Read More” link
  • NEW: Suffixed Word, Image and Video count to “Read More” link
  • NEW: Added “By Author” in Blog Archive page
  • NEW: Added a Star icon beside my name when commenting
  • NEW: Added Gravatar to comments
  • NEW: Added Tag support for breadcrumb navigation
  • FIXED: Duplicate crumbs when doing paginating Category/Date/Author
  • FIXED: RSS feed URL now points to Feedburner
  • FIXED: Spread the listing of categories and tags into 3 columns instead of a single column


  • NEW: Menu items (not boxes) slides up and down when toggled
  • NEW: Menu fading in and out when changing from left to right
  • NEW: Paypal donation image now shown by default
  • NEW: Added “Quick Links” menu box in order to access my plugin page within 1 click
  • NEW: Renamed “Others” to “Network” and moved it from “Navigation” to “Quick Links” menu box
  • FIXED: “Menu Settings” menu box icon now reflect the position of the menu sidebar
  • FIXED: Menu is now able to move to the left and back to the right in IE7


  • NEW: Added Google Analytics tracking code
  • NEW: Combined portfolio.css and gallery.css with style.css
  • NEW: Optimized style.css


  • FIXED: Associate links within “lesterchan.net Network” with Lester Chan instead of GaMerZ
  • FIXED: “lesterchan.net Network” Link Category named wrongly


  • NEW: Added “Lester Chan’s Webpage”, “AllEventsGroup.com”, “FirstFood.com.sg” and “Raffles Airline HR Management System” to websites
  • FIXED: Removed Demo link for WP-Wap as it is no longer in development


  • FIXED: Gallery image description is now centerized