I will be taking the following modules for my 3rd year, first semester:

CS3251 – Technology Strategy and Management (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS3361 – Service Science (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS4254 – IS Project Management (4 MCs) [999 PTs]
CS4251 – Strategic IS Planning (4 MCs) [1,000 PTs]

Module Code – Module Name (Module Credits) [Points Bidded]

Time for me to rant about NUS or in particular School of Computing (SoC) in NUS. I seriously think whoever plan those modules in SoC deserved a knock his head on the wall.

Direct Honors is NOT a new thing and I think as of 2 or 3 years ago, students entering NUS will have to go for compulsory 4 years course (Direct Honors) instead of 3 years (Bachelor). SoC did NOTHING to anticipate the increase of students taking level 4000 modules. They asked us to do a survey on what modules are we taking next year during the last semester and I think this survey is pretty much USELESS.

Imagine there are only 50 places for almost all level 4000 modules in Information System (IS) course and 100 students are fighting for the 50 places. As you can see from above, I spend 1,999 points just to bid 2 level 4000 modules, and every semester I am only given 800 to bid ALL my core modules. I must at least accumulate 3 semesters before I even can reach 2,000 points.

I wanted to take another level 4000 module, CS4266 (IT and Customer Relationship Management) but I do not have another 1,000 points to bid for it. End up I have to forgo it and take CS3361 instead.

I can’t appeal as I still got non-core modules not yet taken and I will only be graduating in December 2009 and hence I still got another semester 1 to go.

I doubt I got enough points to bid for level 4000 modules next semester as I need to take 3 level 4000 modules. But next semester I am able to appeal as it will be my LAST semester 2.

I also want to add that not all level 4000 modules are offered every semester as it takes 1 semester for the lecturer to prepare the exams paper. That I fully understand, but the thing I don’t understand that why must they limit the places to 50 instead of 100! If they cater for 100 people, this problem will be solved.