Before I went to KL, I received an email from Felicia and an SMS from Supriya saying I won a contest that I took part with Text 100 at the Nokia Connection 2008. As Nokia Connection 2008 saw the launched of Nokia E71 and E66, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I might have just won either of the mobile phones. Few minutes later, Felicia sent me the 2nd email and told me that I won S$300 Takashimaya Vouchers. I was like WOW.

I have not won anything since my polytechnic graduation dinner and dance draw which I only won a S$50 Converse voucher. This is the biggest prize I have won so far, but nevertheless, I still don’t believe in lucky draws or contests =p

I would like to thank Felicia, Supriya and Liyi (in no particular order) from Text 100, Nokia Communication Team for the prize. Thank You!

I am going to get myself a leather shoes and perhaps get one for my brother as well.

S$300 Takashimaya Vouchers

Today, went down to Bugis’s Singtel Hello! store to get a Nokia N78 as my grandfather line contract has expired and Singtel has kindly sent a voucher to my grandfather. I can choose to get the Nokia N78 with a S$100 discount or any Nokia 3G/3.5G phones with a S$30 discount. Wanted to get the Nokia E71 but it is quite expensive (S$400+) after the S$30 discount. End up getting the Nokia N78 for S$298 (after S$100 discount).

My mom told my grandfather that I wanted the phone and hence she traded with him the older Nokia 7610. If not my grandfather will either bring the phone to China and sell or give it to some China man (no idea whether he got tricked or cheated into doing those).

Anyway, I will keep the Nokia N78 in the meantime and once my dad is back I can passed it to him to use and hence his old Nokia N73 will become a spare phone.

Nokia N78

My M1 line will expire on 24th August 2008 and after that, I will definitely switch to Singtel as M1 can’t be bothered to retain their customers and hence I can’t be bothered to stay with them.