Li Xiang baked butter cookies and cornflakes cookie for me as this year and I did a card for her (using computer) and got her a heart shape candy at Sticky. We exchanged gifts yesterday instead of today as today we were up early in the morning to attend her friend’s ROM at SAF Seaview Resort. It was a very isolated place and parking is really a problem due to the extremely limited parking space. After the ROM ceremony ended at about 3pm, we went to Orchard to take a walk. It was very crowded and I saw many LV and Gucci paper bags, looks like recession has not hit us hard yet or either the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Saw Andy and his girlfriend at Lucky Plaza.

We have dinner at Tang Dian Wang at Hereen. It was my second time eating at Tang Dian Wang, the first was at Suntec. The food is good and the prices are very reasonable. I love the soup there!

Just a side note, on Thursday, I was at NTUC with my parents at Tiong Bahru Plaza, I overheard this family (1 couple + 1 baby). When the wife pick up a stalk of rose which cost S$5 in NTUC, the husband immediately replied, S$5 can eat 2 meals. LOL

Wishing all couples married or not married, kids or not kids a very Happy Valentine’s Day 2009. We all just contributed to the economy and like my dad always say, the florist are laughing all the way to the bank on Valentine’s Day.

I love you penguin!