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*Phew* Finally my nervous presentation at BlogOut! 2009 was over. BlogOut! 2009 was a huge success.

There is some re-scheduling, my presentation was moved up to about 11.45am instead of 1.30pm. Once I am up there presenting, I don’t feel so nervous anymore. Elvin from Intel told me to look at the audience more often and smile which I agree. I think I am too engross looking at my screen and notes instead of the audience. Li Xiang told me that my hand moved too much and should hold onto the podium to prevent it from moving about that often. I hope I can do better next time. If I have the time, I hope to speak again at the Singapore PHP User Group when WordPress 2.8 comes out.

Me Presenting

I have uploaded my slides for WordPress as a Blogging Tool to SlideShare.

Thanks to Claudia for the invite to speak at BlogOut! 2009.

Cheers to all who mingled with me during the breaks, thanks for using WordPress as well as supporting my plugins =D

Till we meet again in BlogOut! 2010!

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  • Dad and mom

    Well done son,we are proud of you.Keep it up.From Dad and Mom at Osaka hotel Granvia.

  • Lester Chan

    Thank You Mom

  • Howie

    Hey Lester, thanks for joining us at Blogout! 2009.
    You did really well and I am sure the crowd learnt much about WordPress today. :-)

    P.S: Cute exchange from your parents there. 😛


  • Lester Chan

    LOL, Thank You Howie for being the “mastermind” of the event =D

  • sleepy

    it is surprising that wordpress is only a rising population here. there are people who have never use it before. there are so many questions but too little time. i think with ur knowledge, you can educate the public more… :)

    hohoho~ you finally know how i feel as a host when i’m in serene’s wedding. and thanks for bringing me there. it’s quite a eye opener.

  • Lester Chan

    Yea, WordPress popularity is on the rise and I am more than glad to share what can WordPress do =D Maybe next time you can follow me to more of such events =D

  • claudia

    Congrats Lester! Your session was great! I’m sure everyone learned much from you today at blogout09! Now you got experience already, next time no need to stress already!

  • KC

    Hi there, nice share about WP. I had been thinking of changing to WP for a while but had to do a lot of googleling to figure out the difference between the two. Glad to now that’ a WP guru locally, now I know who to ping when I need help… The only sad thing is that there ain’t a easy way to transit from blogger to WP without losing traffic or cracking the links. But then again I don’t have a thousand over post just something like 60tish-70tish. Guess it just takes a little planning to do the migration.

    KC from MinistryOfGame

  • altantic

    Too bad I wasn’t there to learn alot of insights from you…

  • Lester Chan

    @Claudia: Yea, I think next time will not stress liao lol

    @KC: Yeap, feel free to ping me. There is a blogger import from WordPress which allows you to import Blogger Post. It is hard not to lose traffic because you are changing to something different, perhaps you can have a post at your site saying that you are going to move to a new host.

    @altantic: There will be chances =D

  • sleepy

    i remember i did a redirect last time for my website to blogger in case people are still pointing to old url. maybe that will solve some of the people’s concern?

  • Lester Chan

    But I think they want to use blogger -> domain. I wonder does blogger allow you to add in meta redirect to the html code.

  • sleepy

    uh-huh… i think i’ll jus do my design… i got lost in the first sentence liao~ too chim~

  • Fiona NG

    i see that you wore the WordPress Tee-shirt that you bought last month. Nice :)

  • Lester Chan

    @sleepy: lol, you do design, I do programming =p
    @Fiona: Yea, thank you =D