Apple announces iPhone OS 3.0, the iPhone OS that was supposed to be in iPhone in the first place.

Here are some of the features we can expect in iPhone OS 3.0:

  • In-App Purchase
  • Peer to peer connectivity
  • Custom apps that talk directly to that hardware
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Push notification
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Landscape mode for most core apps
  • MMS
  • Voice Memos
  • CalDAV calendar and .ics subscription support
  • Spotlight
  • Note Sync
  • Auto-fill
  • YouTube accounts
  • Stereo Bluetooth via A2DP
  • WiFi autologin
  • Tethering support

I think lots of paid jailbreak apps like SwirlyMMS and biteSMS might have to developed new apps. Say good bye to SwirlyMMS, biteSMS and QuickGold!

The iPhone OS 3.0 update will be available for free for iPhone and iPhone 3G users. MMS and Stereo Bluetooth will not be available for iPhone users due to hardware differences. For iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2nd Generation users, you will have to fork out US$9.95 for it.