Windows 7 has officially been launch in Singapore at midnight on 22nd October 2009. The launch was collaborated between Microsoft Singapore and Challenger Funan. The first person in the queue started queuing at 3.30pm and only at 7pm they started giving out the queue number. At about 10.30pm, there was about 140+ people in the queue, but I think it eventually went up to 200 before midnight.

The first 177 customers gets to buy Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Edition at S$77 (RRP: S$219). After that, a limited number of customers can purchase it at S$147 during the launch event.

Full Install Prices

  • Windows 7 Home Premium – S$359
  • Windows 7 Professional – S$529
  • Windows 7 Ultimate – S$549

Upgrade Prices

  • Windows 7 Home Premium – S$219
  • Windows 7 Professional – S$359
  • Windows 7 Ultimate – S$379

OEM Prices (Full Install)

  • Windows 7 Home Premium – S$190
  • Windows 7 Professional – S$255
  • Windows 7 Ultimate – S$350

I have been using Windows 7 for quite sometime since it was available in my school’s MSDN AA on 14th August 2009. I am very satisfied with it, definitely an improvement over the failed Windows Vista or the long running Windows XP.

However, do not rush to buy it. Wait and see how much will the OEM version cost at Sim Lim Square first.

*UPDATE* Updated post with Windows 7 OEM prices from Fuwell.

Source: DK and VR Zone