Looking for a perfect Christmas gift to your love ones or friends? My mom’s company is one the two official Glico agents in Singapore. For this Christmas, it is the first time my mom will be importing some special Glico products from Japan.

The Glico Giant Rainbow Pocky will be retailing for S$7.90 while the Giant Chocolate Collon and Giant Strawberry Collon will be retailing at S$19.90 each. These special products are exclusive to Watsons only and will be available from Thursday, 19th November 2009 onwards while stocks last.

The Giant Rainbow Pocky consists of 7 flavoured Pocky sticks namely:

  1. Strawberry (Red)
  2. Orange (Orange)
  3. Banana (Yellow)
  4. Green Tea (Green)
  5. Blueberry (Blue)
  6. Chocolate (Indigo) – Only this flavour cannot represent the indigo color
  7. Grape (Violet)

Giant Rainbow Pocky (S$7.90)

Giant Chocolate Collon (S$19.90)

Giant Strawberry Collon (S$19.90)