The Finance Admin of Li Xiang’s freelance job contacted her saying that here OCBC Account number is invalid. She said the account number suppose to have 9 digits (excluding first 3 digit branch code and dashes) whereas her’s only have 7. I checked mine and mine also have 7 digits only. Both of us were puzzled.

I did asked around in Facebook and Twitter and it seems all the people who replied to me have 9 digits on their OCBC Account Number. At first I thought we got our account very early (more than 10 years ago) and hence the lesser number of digits but apparently it is not.

I dropped OCBC an email and they replied within 24 hours!

Format BBB – C – NNNNNN (7 digits) is used only for Savings account.
Format BBB – NNNNNN – 001 (9 digits) is used for Current / EasiSave / Moi / Personal Line / Statement Savings / MoneyMax / EasiCredit account.

  • BBB = Branch Code (the first 3 digits on your account number)
  • Number of digits exclude first 3 digits, dashes and spaces